Here’s How to Defeat a Pokémon Champion with a Level One Bidoof

Remember the Pokémon trainer who managed to defeat the Elite Four with the most useless creature, Magikarp? Well, a very competitive player decided to take another Pokémon (in this case Bidoof) and instead of leveling it up the level 100, player ImEpicToast defeats Cynthia with a level one creature.

A few things to take into account before watching the video though. Bidoof doesn’t gain experience because the player is using a cheat that disables it. On the other hand, the critter’s abilities, items and statistics are legitimate.

Where do we go from here? First, someone beats the Elite Four with a Magikarp and then someone defeats Cynthia with a level one Pokémon. I guess the only reasonable thing to do is to finish the game with Missingno.

Source: Kotaku