Shadowrun Returns Out on Android and iOS

Shadowrun Returns (Tablets)

If you’ve been waiting for Shadowrun Returns to come out on tablets, you’ll be glad to know that the strategy role-playing game is now available for Android and iOS devices, developer Harebrained Schemes has announced. This version of Shadowrun Returns came out on September 26th and is now available on Google Play and iTunes for $9.99.

Unfortunately, players who download the tablet version of the game won’t have access to the editor or community created content yet. According to a Kickstarter update, these features will be released at some point in the future.

In my review of the PC version, I called Shadowrun Returns “a fantastic turn-based RPG that serves both as a rendition to the genre and as a new entry in the long-dormant series.”

Source: Kickstarter, Joystiq