FTL Coming to iPad, PC Version to Receive Free Expansion

FTL is coming to iPad in early 2014, developer Subset Games has confirmed. But apart from receiving an iPad release, the PC version of the punishing roguelike is getting a free expansion that will also launch early next year.

The expansion is called FTL: Advanced Edition and features new weapons, drones, augments, systems, enemies, sectors, events, music and more, according to the official website. Here are some examples of the new systems: the mind control system turns enemies into allies and the hacking system disrupts enemy systems, which will allow for some interesting combinations.

The iPad port of FTL: Faster Than Light includes all the additions that are part of the Advanced Edition expansion. FTL will be compatible with iPad 2, Mini and above and the interface has been redesigned and optimized for touch devices (but note that the game won’t be coming to phones.) The team said that they are interested in bringing FTL to other tablets, but the developers don’t know if they will be able to.

For more information about FTL: Faster Than Light, read my review. In the article I called FTL a “roguelike space simulator that makes permanent death compelling and that’s an achievement in itself.”

Source: Subset Games