GOG ‘Fall Insomnia’ Promo Discounts Over 100 Titles

Fall Insomnia Promo (GOG)

GOG is running a new promotion where single games are discounted until they reach a specific number of sales. The DRM-free digital distribution service is offering up to 80% discounts on more than 100 titles, including Fez, Hotline Miami, Rayman Origins and System Shock 2, among many others.

As a way of celebrating the fact that GOG has a worldwide audience, the company decided to launch the Fall Insomnia promotion. Interestingly, the sale will run until the number of games they offer run out. Basically, select games are offered one at a time and in limited quantities, so when the number of available copies from one specific game reaches zero, a new title appears and so on until every game is sold out.

GOG will also offer some freebies throughout the duration of the sale.

Source: GOG