Minecraft Enables Twitch Streaming for PC and Mac

Pressing a key. That’s how simple it’s for Minecraft players to stream their videos to Twitch. Twitch integration was confirmed earlier this month during Minecon when Mojang revealed that it was going to partner with Twitch to enable this highly-requested functionality. Now the developer has confirmed that one-click broadcasting is publicly available.

The feature is available for everyone who has a Windows PC (XP or higher) or Mac OS X Lion (10.7 or higher.) To start streaming, Minecraft players need to visit their account settings and link their Twitch account to their Mojang account. Now whenever you want to start a livestream, press F6 and you’re good to go. For a more thorough walkthrough of the process, you can watch the video above.

Take into account that since this functionality has just been implemented, there might be some bugs and minor issues. Mojang stated that as soon as users start providing feedback, more features will be implemented and bugs will be ironed out.

Source: Mojang