Race the Sun Finally Catches Up, Launches on Steam on December 9th

Race the Sun (Steam)

Endless runner Race the Sun is finally coming to Steam, since the title has been approved on Steam Greenlight. Race the Sun will be available on Steam on December 9th for PC, Mac and Linux, developer Flippfly has announced.

Originally, the hyper kinetic game was released independently via the developer’s website and the first month of sales was disappointing to say the least. Later on, Race the Sun was released on DRM-free digital distribution service GOG and in a few days, the game should be available on Steam.

The upcoming Steam version of Race the Sun comes with new features, including cloud saves achievements, trading cards, leaderboards, Steam Workshop and Big Picture Mode support. People who bought the original version of Race the Sun will receive a Steam key free of charge (this includes Flippfly and GOG costumers.)

Source: Flippfly