Shadowrun Returns Drops DRM, Might Come to GOG

Shadowrun Returns 2

Developer Harebrained Schemes signed a deal with Microsoft to release a DRM-free version of Shadowrun Returns and its upcoming downloadable content Berlin, according to a recent post on Kickstarter.

The DRM-free version of the game and its DLC will support all game patches, the editor and user-generated content. Additionally, Shadowrun Returns might be coming to digital distribution service GOG, but since the developer isn’t sure how long this is going to take, they don’t want to commit to any specific release dates.

Shadowrun Returns is a tactical role-playing game that became possible thanks to Kickstarter. On my glowing review, I called Shadowrun Returns: “a tactical role-playing game that feels undeniably old-fashioned, yet still fresh and original.” The game launched on a variety of platforms including PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android tablets.

Source: Kickstarter