The King of Fighters ’97 Now Available for Android and iOS

King of Fighters 97 (iOS, Android)

You don’t need a Neo Geo to play The King of Fighters ’97 anymore. In fact, that phone in your pocket is more than enough to run the classic 2D fighting game. As you probably guessed by now, The King of Fighters ’97 is now available for iOS and Android devices for $3.99, SNK Playmore has announced.

The King of Fighters ’97 is the forth entry in the series and features a variety of characters (35 to be more precise) that can fight in teams of threes. On top of that, there are two modes (Extra and Advanced) and you can play with four or six-button combos. This version of the game is touch-screen enabled.

Although originally released for the Neo Geo, The King of Fighters ’97 was later on ported to the PlayStation and Sega Saturn. Since then, the game has made it to a variety of platforms, including PlayStation Network, Virtual Console and of course, iOS and Android.

Source: App Store, Google Play