The Shivah: Kosher Edition Coming to PC and iOS on November 21st

Wadjet Eye Games will release a remastered edition of the point-and-click adventure game The Shivah on November 21st for PC and iOS, the developer has announced. The upcoming Kosher Edition will have new graphics, music and more.

The Shivah puts you in the shoes of Russel Stone, a Jewish Rabbi who’s struggling to keep his synagogue open. But as soon as he starts packing, a member of the congregation unexpectedly dies, leaving a large sum of money. After these events, Russel sets out to investigate the mysterious death.

The PC version of The Shivah: Kosher Edition is now available for pre-order for $3.99 (20% off its regular price of $4.99.) When the game launches on November 21st, it’ll be available on both Steam and GOG. The iOS version, on the other hand, will cost $1.99 and it’ll launch on the App Store.