This Week on GOG, November 22nd: The Shivah, Dustforce, FPS Promo

The latest video update from GOG is now available for everyone to watch and features a variety of new releases and promotions. Fans of classic titles will be glad to know that the complete Wing Commander series is now available on the DRM-free digital distribution service. New releases include action-adventure game American McGee’s Grimm, modern point-and-click adventure Goodbye Deponia (also known as Deponia 3,) space combat simulator Wing Commander: Armada, mature adventure The Shivah and action platformer Dustforce.

This week’s sale is called Spectacular FPS Shootout and as the name suggests, the promo features multiple first-person shooters. Titles that are part of this promotion include modern classics such as System Shock 2, Blood, Unreal Tournament 2004, Far Cry, Serious Sam: The First Encounter and Medal of Honor Allied Assault War Chest, among many others.