Wasteland 2 Available on Steam Early Access for $59.99

Wasteland 2 (Steam)

inXile Entertainment’s Wasteland 2 is now available on Steam Early Access. For $59.99, players will receive a copy of Wasteland 2, the original Wasteland, the Mark Morgan digital soundtrack, two digital novellas set in the Wasteland universe and a digital concept artbook.

According to developer inXile Entertainment, Wasteland 2’s final release will be cheaper than the Steam Early Access version. Basically, the latter is considered a sort of special edition that features exclusive extras you won’t be able to get otherwise.

In terms of content, the post-apocalyptic role-playing game is feature-complete. “We’re including 30% of the game levels so you can see how Wasteland 2 plays: AI, gear, inventory, creatures, line-of-sight, exploration, world-maps, fast travel, dialogue, and more,” the Steam page description says. “We’ve got a cartload of quests, memorable characters, NPCs who’ll be happy to join your party for a price (or for vengeance), and all the explosive fun of a radioactive monk without any of that actual radiation. During this early access phase we’ll be adding even more content in the form of new levels, killer weapons and NPCs and of course fixing those pesky bugs that the programmers put in the code.”

For the uninitiated, Wasteland 2 was funded through Kickstarter where it raised $2.9 million in pledges.

Source: Steam