A PlayStation Vita Version of Don’t Starve Might Happen

Don't Starve

Developer Klei Entertainment (Shank, Mark of the Ninja) is currently focusing on the PlayStation 4 version of Don’t Starve, but they would like to see a PlayStation Vita version as well, according to a recent Tweet. “We’re focusing on getting PS4 out first, but we think it [a PlayStation Vita version of Don’t Starve] would be neat too! We’re looking at if it’s possible to do. Maybe?” the company said on Twitter.

Don’t Starve is an action adventure title that focuses on survival in an open-world setting. As the name of the game suggests, the main goal is to survive as long as possible while avoiding several challenges. Like Shank and Mark of the Ninja, Don’t Starve features a very characteristic 2D universe.

The PlayStation 4 version of Don’t Starve is coming out on PSN later this week. PlayStation Plus members will be able to download a free copy of the game in North America on January 7th.

Source: Twitter, GameSpot