Double Fine’s Broken Age Part 1 Launches for Backers on January 14th

Double Fine's Broken Age

Double Fine Productions will launch the first part of Broken Age exclusively to backers on January 14th, Tim Schafer announced on Twitter. “Next Tuesday is going to be exciting because that’s when backers can play Broken Age, Act 1! Public release date will be announced then too”, Schafer said.

For the uninitiated, Broken Age started as “Double Fine Adventure” which raised $3.37 million on Kickstarter. The adventure was expected to come out in fall of 2012, but the studio decided to expand its scope and Broken Age was divided into two acts.

The first half of Broken Age will be released on January 2014 on Steam Early Access and the money recieved this way will be used to fund the rest of the game’s development. The seconf half of the game is expected to come out around April or May.

Source: Twitter