Linux and Mac Ports of To the Moon Coming Soon

To the Moon Memento

Linux and Mac versions of 2011’s visual novel To the Moon are coming soon, according to designer Kan Gao. Gao recently talked with Polygon and stated that the Linux and Mac versions of To the Moon are “not too far off.”

The designer didn’t provide a specific release date, since the studio recently had legal problems with the game engine’s end-user license agreement. Nevertheless, it seems like the ports are still in development.

A few days ago, developer Freebird Games released a free holiday episode that features two characters from the original game: Dr. Watts and Rosalene. The “minisode,” which lasts around 20 minutes, is meant to be played in one sitting, so it doesn’t have menus or a save feature. Additionally, Gao recently talked about To the Moon’s sequel, A Bird Story and said that the follow-up is expected to come out soon.

Source: Polygon