Resident Evil Outbreak Back Online Thanks to Fans

Resident Evil Outbreak (Crocodile)

Capcom’s online multiplayer games Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil Outbreak File No.2 are online again thanks to a group of dedicated fans. The PlayStation 2 games are playable in Japan through private servers.

Players who would like to play the games need a copy of either title and a PlayStation 2 capable or running Japanese region games. An NTSC version of the games aren’t likely to happen, so for now, the Japanese versions of the games is the only possibility if you want to play with other people.

Interestingly, the server works with emulators, but the team behind this project doesn’t tolerate piracy. Nevertheless, users running emulators are likely to run into several problems that will affect their online experience negatively, such as freezes or the inability of finishing a game.

For more information about the games and how to play them online, follow the link below.

Source: Outbreak Server