SimCity Getting Offline Mode in Next Patch

SimCity (2013)

When SimCity came out in early 2013, the city-building and urban planning simulator was criticized for numerous reasons. But without a doubt, one of the most prominent criticism has always been the game’s inability to go offline. Electronic Arts stated that removing the online requirement would have compromised the game’s vision, but when modders found a way to enable offline mode, the company suddenly stopped saying things like that.

Now, 10 months after SimCity’s release, the game will receive an update that allows offline single-player mode. This includes the ability to store save files, access downloadable content and use modifications without compromising the online content. Naturally, the online modes will still be there if you want to use them, but if you want to play a region by yourself, the next update will let you do just that. A precise release date for the update hasn’t been confirmed, but according to Maxis, the patch is “in the late phases” of development.

I might give SimCity a chance. What about you?

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