Valkyria Chronicles 3 Fan-Made English Translation Now Available

Valkyria Chronicles III (PSP)

If you have a copy of Valkyria Chronicles 3 for the PlayStation Portable or Vita, you can now download a fan-made patch that translates the tactical role-playing game into English. Although originally released in 2011, the Valkyria Chronicles 3 Translation Project has been in development since early 2012.

To install the patch, you need 4GB of free space on your computer, the installation of custom firmware for the PSP and a digital version or ripped UMD of Valkyria Chronicles 3: Extra Edition. More instructions about the patch and how to install it can be found on the project’s official website.

The original Valkyria Chronicles was localized and released for the PlayStation 3 in North America. Valkyria Chronicles 2 was also fully localized and released for the PSP in North America. Soon after releasing the third entry in the series, Sega confirmed that they weren’t planning to release it in North America and Europe due to the PSP’s lack of popularity in those territories.

Source: Valkyria Chronicles 3 Translation Project