Humble Indie Bundle 11 Out Now, Includes Guacamelee, Antichamber, Dust, More

Humble Indie Bundle 11 is out now and follows the same concept as previous collections. You pay what you want for a few games and soundtracks and not only do you help developers and the Humble Bundle team, but also various charities. The games in question are Guacamelee! Gold Edition, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams and The Swapper.

Paying $1 or more means that you’ll unlock the games on Steam and by paying more than the average price ($4.32 as of this writing,) you get Antichamber and Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine. Also, it’s worth mentioning that all games (with the exception of Giana Sisters) are compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

As usual, more games are coming soon, so make sure you pay more than the average to receive those when they come out in a few days.

Source: Humble Bundle