Mr. Driller, Neo Contra and Tomba! 2 Coming Out as PlayStation Classics

Neo Contra (PS2)

This week, Mr. Driller, Neo Contra and Tomba! 2 are coming to PSN as PlayStation Classics, the PlayStation Blog confirmed on a recent post.

Originally released for the original PlayStation, Mr. Driller puts you in the shoes of a driller who moves through colored blocks. Side-scrolling shooter Neo Contra came out for the PlayStation 2 and the three-dimensional game encourages you to shoot everything around you. Finally, old-school platformer Tomba! 2 comes out as a PlayStation Import. In the direct sequel to Tomba!, you play as a pink haired jungle boy who needs to save a friend who has suddenly disappeared.

The PlayStation Classics will be available on PSN later today, when the digital distribution service updates. Although pricing for the aforementioned titles hasn’t been announced, PlayStation Classics usually cost $5.99 and PlayStation 2 Classics $9.99, so expect something along those lines.