OMG HD Zombies Steals Steam’s Brain on February 13th

OMG HD Zombies is coming to Steam on February 13th for $4.99, developer Laughing Jackal has announced. Although originally released for the PlayStation Portable as a Mini, an enhanced remake of OMG Zombies was made for the Vita.

OMG HD Zombies is an action puzzler set in the fictional city of Redfield during a zombie apocalypse. In terms of gameplay, the zombie-themed title encourages players to set chain reactions to eliminate as many undead as possible.

OMG HD Zombies features eight zombie classes, 100 levels, unlockable medals and power-ups, trophies and prestige mode. In addition, the Steam version of the game will include resolution settings, Steam leaderboards, achievements, mouse/keyboard and gamepad support, trading cards and cloud saving.

Source: Laughing Jackal