Ouya’s Killer App, TowerFall Ascension, Coming to PS4 and Steam on March 11th

Towerfall Ascension (Kings Court)

As most of you probably know by now, Ouya’s killer app is about to lose its exclusivity to the Android-based microconsole. Arena game TowerFall Ascension will launch on PlayStation 4 and PC later this year. Indie game developer Matt Makes Games confirmed that TowerFall Ascension is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Steam on March 11th.

For those unfamiliar, TowerFall is a four-player archery game. The combat platformer features a single-player campaign where players need to hit as many targets as they can before the time runs out and local multiplayer. In terms of new content, Ascension introduces a cooperative mode called Quest Mode. In this mode, monster appear from time to time and you have to defend from them.

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Source: PlayStation Blog