Top 10: Best Games Similar to Dota

Guardians of the Middle Earth

Over the past few years, the multiplayer online battle arena (or MOBA for short) has become one of the most popular video game genres. Without a doubt, DotA (also known as Defense of the Ancients) is the title that started it all and Valve’s DotA 2 is one of the most played video games available. Since the genre has grown so much since the original DotA came out as a modification for Warcraft 3, many look-alikes have tried to emulate the success of the mod. On this article, you can find ten of the best games similar to DotA.

10. Smite

Instead of using the traditional top-down perspective, Smite is a third-person MOBA. In Smite, players control Gods from different mythologies (such as Chinese, Mayan, Roman, Hindu, Egyptian and so on) and they can participate in different game types, including practice, normal, custom and more.


9. Demigod

One of the few MOBAs that’s not free-to-play. In Demigod you play as either Assassins or Generals and your main objective is to capture different buildings (such as portals, shops, flags and a citadel which represents the base) to gain currency and experience.


8. Bloodlines Champions

Bloodlines Champions is a free-to-play arena-style PVP game. Up to ten players are split into two teams and their objective varies according to the game mode, ranging from capture the flag to team deathmatch. Although Bloodlines Champions has often been compared to DotA, the former is much more skilled-based and there are no mobs or towers to destroy.

Bloodline Champions

7. Heroes of Order and Chaos

Interestingly, Heroes of Order and Chaos is playable on iOS and Android devices, so take into account that the audience isn’t as big as some of the titles that are available for the PC. But if you want to have a MOBA experience on the go, Heroes of Order and Chaos is probably your best option.

Heroes of Order and Chaos

6. Awesomenauts

Although technically a MOBA, Awesomenauts looks and feel completely different to most titles from the genre. In the 3V3 game, the goal is to destroy the other team’s Solar Collector while defending your own. Before you can destroy the artifact though, you need to bring down automated turrets and droids.


5. Heroes of Newerth

Developed by S2 games, Heroes of Newerth is a free-to-play MOBA that pits two teams against each other. The goal of the game is to destroy the central structure as soon as possible. As in most MOBAs, players can select heroes with four unique skills to try to defeat the opposing team.

Heroes of Newerth

4. Super Monday Night Combat

Unlike most of the titles on this list, Super Monday Night Combat adopts a third-person shooter perspective, but the core mechanics are all here. The main objective is to destroy the other team’s Moneyball and to do so, you need to bring down the turrets that block your path. As you make progress, you’ll get experience points that are useful to upgrade skills.

Super Monday Night Combat (Steam)

3. Guardians of Middle Earth

Guardians of the Middle Earth is set in The Lord of the Rings universe and features some references to the film series of the same name. The standard elements of the MOBA genre are all here, so the main draw is the possibility of exploring The Lord of the Rings world from a different perspective.

Guardians of the Middle Earth (Steam)

2. Prime World

Nival’s Prime World is a mixture of MMRPG and MOBA which already makes it quite unique. In the universe of Prime World, two nations are fighting each other for control of a scarce resource known as Prime. But apart from controlling a hero that needs to destroy the enemy’s base, the game features castle customization options. At the castle, players can build different constructions such as mining and decorative facilities.

Prime World

1. League of Legends

So everybody who’s reading this list saw this coming. For those of you out there who aren’t familiar with League of Legends, this is one of the most popular games in the MOBA genre with a large following on eSports. If we compare League of Legends and DotA, we can say that their gameplay is remarkably similar with a few exceptions. In League of Legends there are five types of different champions and each of those characters fulfills a specific role on the battlefield: tanks, damage per second, mages, support and hybrids. In League of Legends, there are numerous modes to participate in, including tutorial, custom, coop, ranked, normal, one for all and showdown, among others.

League of Legends Teamfight

Honorable Mention: Battle for Graxxia, Rise of Immortals, Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes and Avalon Heroes.