Valve’s Dota 2 Documentary, Free to Play, Launches March 19th

Free to Play (Documentary)

Valve’s documentary Free to Play will debut on March 19th, the Washington-based company has announced.

Free to Play follows three professional Dota 2 players that participate in The International, a tournament with a million dollar prize. Apart from following the lives of elite players from around the world, the documentary film also explores the rise of e-sports and the future of the competitive sport.

On March 19th, the Free to Play documentary will be available for free on Steam. Furthermore, players will be able to buy the Competitor’s Pack on the Dota 2 store, which includes exclusive items.

As someone who’s been playing a lot of Dota 2 lately, Free to Play sounds quite compelling. There have been documentaries about e-sports before (such as State of Play, which I reviewed,) but Free to Play seems special in the sense that the film focuses on a game that became popular in a short period.

For more information about Free to Play, visit the documentary’s official page on Steam.