Costume Quest 2 and Gone Home Coming to Consoles in 2014

Costume Quest 2 (Logo)

Midnight City, you got my attention. Majesco Entertainment’s indie label Midnight City has announced that Double Fine’s Costume Quest 2 is coming to PC and consoles later this year. Additionally, Fullbright Company’s critically acclaimed Gone Home is also coming to consoles later this year.

For the uninitiated, the original Costume Quest is usually considered one of Double Fine’s best titles to date, since the adventure role-playing game was unique and charming from a visual and mechanics standpoint. In Costume Quest 2, you go back to Auburn Pines as Wren and Reynold protect Halloween once again. Apart from the familiar story, there will be new costumes and an upgraded battle system.

But that’s not all, since Gone Home is finally coming to consoles! A new audience will be able to explore the Greenbriar’s empty residence for the first time. Usually regarded as one of the best and most creative titles of 2013, Gone Home is coming to unspecified platforms.