Frictional Games’ SOMA Receives Chilling New Trailer

Upcoming science-fiction survival-horror game SOMA has received a new teaser trailer called “Theta.” Although the trailer is quite cryptic, it features a few in-game scenes, voice acting and more importantly, it provides a taste of the game’s haunting atmosphere.

Creative Director from Frictional Games, Thomas Grip posted an article on the PlayStation Blog, explaining the current state of SOMA’s development and some of the goals the development team is pursuing.

For the uninitiated, developer Frictional Games is in charge of SOMA (the same team behind Penumbra and Amnesia: The Dark Descent, probably one of the most unsettling games ever made.) SOMA takes place in a research facility called PATHOS-2, after machinery starts adopting human characteristics.

SOMA will launch in early 2015 for PC, Max, Linux and PlayStation 4.