GOG Bringing Classic Titles to Linux

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DRM-free digital distribution service GOG (formerly known as Good Old Games) has announced that they are finally bringing some their titles to Linux. GOG will be porting a significant portion of their catalog (around 100 titles) to the free operating system.

It’s worth mentioning that GOG won’t be releasing Linux games just yet, since this process will take a while. Still, the GOG team is working on their service so that they can start releasing classic titles on Linux as soon as this fall. Although some of the games on GOG already support Linux, the distribution service is also planning to release some classics on Linux for the first time.

At first, GOG games will come with Mint and Ubuntu support, which suggests that other Linux variations might eventually come out. As of this writing, a specific release date for Linux support hasn’t been confirmed and the titles that will be available is also unknown.

Source: GOG