Ouya Showcases 11 New Titles at GDC 2014

Ouya 2.0

The Games Developers Conference 2014 is here and those people who are in San Francisco from March 17th to March 21st will be playing almost a dozen of Ouya demos at their booth. As usual, there are a handful of couch cooperative titles, but also some experimental projects you’ll hear a lot about over the next few months.

Also, take into account that with the exception of Broken Age, the rest of the titles below are Ouya-exclusives for the time being. Here’s the official lineup with trailers:

Toto Temple Deluxe— Juicy Beast

Duck Game — Landon Podbielski

That Dragon, Cancer — Ryan Green and Josh Larson

Cascade — Fayju

Reagan Gorbachev — Team2Bit

Laza Knitez!! — Glitchnap

Neverending Nightmares — Infinitap Games

Thralled – Thralled Team

Broken Age — Double Fine

Whispering Willows — Night Light Interactive

Knight and Damsel – MK Ultra Games

Knight & Damsel

Source: Ouya