PlayStation Plus April Preview: Free Castle of Illusion, Mercenary Kings, Arkham City, More

The batch of games PlayStation Plus owners will be downloading in April has been revealed on the PlayStation Blog. Freebies include Mercenary Kings for the PS4, Batman: Arkham City, Stealth Inc. A Clone in the Dark (which comes with Cross-Buy) and Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse for the PS3 and Velocity Ultra and Pixeljunk Monster Ultimate for the Vita.

A usual the specific release date of each freebie hasn’t been announced, so you’ll have to visit the PlayStation Blog or read my weekly PlayStation Store Update article if you want to know when each game is coming out.

If you live in Europe though, you’ll receive Mercenary Kings for the PS4, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time for the PS3 and Hotline Miami and Moto GP 13 for the Vita.

Source: PlayStation Blog US, PlayStation Blog Europe