Saving the Worst for Last: Ultra Street Fighter IV’s Fifth an Final Character Is Decapre

Capcom has announced the latest addition to Ultra Street Fighter IV’s roster: Decapre. And most fans are already complaining, and rightfully so, since Decapre is remarkably similar to Cammy. Actually, Decapre is a clone of Cammy (which at the same time is a clone of M. Byson and a former Doll,) so the resemblance between both characters make sense.

As some of you might recall, Decapre originally appeared on Street Fighter Alpha 3 as one of M. Byson’s Dolls (which you can see in the video above.) Additionally, Decapre appeared on the UDON Street Fighter comic books. Nevertheless, when Ultra Street Fighter IV comes out, that will mark the first time in the series that the character is playable.

Previously announced characters include Rolento, Hugo, Poison and Elena. Ultra Street Fighter IV is coming for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in June. A PC version of the game is expected to come out in August.