The Walking Dead: Season Two Limping to the Vita, Arrives Next Tuesday

The Walking Dead - Season Two (Vita)

The Walking Dead: Season Two is coming to the PlayStation Vita next week, developer Telltale Games has announced. Episode 1: All that Remains and Episode 2: A House Divided will be available on the PlayStation Vita in North America next Tuesday, April 22nd and in Europe on Wednesday, April 23rd. Individual episodes cost $4.99 or players can purchase a Season Pass (which includes episodes 1 through 5 as they become available) and save 20%.

If you want to catch up with the series, you’ll be glad to hear that all episodes from the first season and the “400 Days” DLC are now available for Android-based devices on Google Play, NVIDIA Shield on TegraZone and Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Kindle HDX on Amazon. The first episode of the series (called A New Day) is available as a free download for all the aforementioned platforms.

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