ibb & obb & Steam Get Together Later This Month

Cooperative platfomer ibb & obb is coming to digital distribution service Steam on May 26th, developer Sparpweed has announced. The colorful platformer originally debuted on the PlayStation 3 last August and is coming to the PC for the first time.

Since the game’s best enjoyed with a friend, ibb & obb will be available in two flavors: a single pack that costs €9.99/$11.99 and a Best Friends Forever Double Pack that costs €11.99/$13.99. During the first week, both packs will be 20% off their usual price, so if you’re planning to buy the game, take that into consideration.

For the uninitiated, ibb & obb is a two-player cooperative platformer set ina world where gravity goes up and down, so you’ll need to coordinate moves with a friend (either locally or online) in order to solve a variety of puzzles. As usual, the Steam version of the game comes with achivements, leaderboards, cloud support and full controller support.