Puppeteer and Surge Deluxe Free for PlayStation Plus Members

Puppeteer (PS3)Today’s PSN update will bring two freebies for PlayStation Plus members. PlayStation 3 owners will receive a copy of Puppeteer, an adventure game where you take up the role of a boy named Kutaro who turns into a puppet and loses his head. Kutaro needs to find the way back home and as he makes progress, he collects additional heads.

Surge Deluxe for the PlayStation Vita is an entertaining color-match game. The idea is remarkably simple: you need to clear blocks of the same color using the touch-screen. But that’s not all. Surrounding pipes build pressure and if you don’t vent them by clearing blocks, the pipes will explode and you’ll see a game over screen.

For more information about this week’s freebies follow the link below.

Source: PlayStation Blog