SimCity 4 Now on GOG, 17 Classics for $2.99 This Weekend

SimCity 4:Deluxe Edition, one of the best city-building simulators ever made is now available on GOG. As part of a launch promotion, you can get the game with a 75% discount (that’s $4.99 instead of its regular price of $14.99.)

Apart from SimCity 4, GOG has launched its latest Weekend Promo which is called Three Dollar Treasures and includes games like Pirates! Gold Plus, Sid Meier’s Colonization, Slave Zero, Darklands, Capitalism, Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries and Restaurant Empire, among many others. As its name suggests, the 17 classic games that are part of this promotion are available for $2.99.

As usual, the weekend promotion will end next Tuesday, so if you’re planning to buy any games, make sure you do so before June 3rd.