Titanfall PC Free for 48 Hours on Origin


Electronic Arts’ Origin has launched a new initiative called Origin Game Time. As part of this new program, Origin will release an entire game for free and players will be able to play that game for a set amount of time. So as long as there’s time in the Origin Game Time, you’ll be able to experience the full game for free.

This weekend you’ll be able to download and play the PC version of Titanfall. The clock begins the moment you launch the game, runs down in real time and doesn’t stop if you pause the game or if you’re taking a break. If you like the game so much that you want to buy it, all the progress you’ve made will be saved and transferred to the paid version of the game.

Apart from Origin Game Time, the digital distribution service recently launched the On the House initiative that offers permanent freebies. Some of the games that were released as free downloads include Dead Space, Battlefield 3, Peggle Deluxe and Plants vs Zombies: Game of the Year Edition.

Source: Origin