ESPN Streams Dota 2’s The International 4 Tournament

The International 4 (2014)

Watching Dota 2’s The International will be easier than ever this year, since ESPN 3 will be livestreaming the tournament, Valve has announced. Take into account that to access this content, you need to use the online branch of the ESPN network (also known as WatchESPN,) so if you have internet access and a smartphone, tablet, console, internet browser, streaming box or the official mobile app, you can watch The International 4 on ESPN.

Apart from watching the live tournament on ESPN 3, ESPN 2 will feature an exclusive show preview of the final match on Sunday at 8:30 PM Pacific. According to Valve, the show will include “highlights from the games, expert analysis, plus interviews with the players and Valve’s Gabe Newell.” You can watch the preview on both the TV channel or the WatchESPN platform.

For the uninitiated, The International 4 is taking place at the KeyArena in Seattle, WA this Friday through Monday and you’ve probably heard about the popular tournament because it features a prize pool of $10 million.

Personally, I’ll probably be watching the International 4 using Dota 2, since the game has a handful tool that lets you watch live tournaments. If you haven’t downloaded the game yet, you can also watch the tournament on Twitch or the game’s official website.