Shadowgate Comes Back from the Dead on August 21st

Originally released for Mac in 1987, point-and-click adventure game Shadowgate is coming back 27 years later, so if you’re looking for a challenging Shadowgate game, you might want to visit Steam next month. A re-imagined Shadowgate game is coming to Steam for PC and Mac on August 21st. Additionally, the game’s coming to iOS and Android in fall 2014.

In Shadowgate, you visit Castle Shadowgate, since you’re trying to fulfill a prophecy that says you must defeat Warlock Lord. This new version of Shadowgate follows the first-person perspective of the original adventure game and inside the dark halls of the castle, you’ll find traps, puzzles and enemies.

Although this is an undoubtedly old-school game, the new version of Shadowgate has some new features and improvements, such as new and updated puzzles, different difficulty levels, hand-painted rooms, a retro mode, an orchestrated soundtrack and achievements.