Top 10: Features GOG Galaxy Should Launch with

GOG Galaxy

A while ago, developer CD Projekt RED announced that they are working on a new digital distribution service similar to Steam. Although it’s too early to tell, this platform could be the best of both worlds since GOG Galaxy can include some of Steam’s best features at the same time it supports DRM-free games. As of this article, a release date for GOG Galaxy is still uncertain, but while we don’t know when the platform is coming out, I hope it has some of the following features when it launches.

Cloud support


Keeping track of saves is a painful process and it would be great if GOG Galaxy could take care of this for you. If your PC breaks or if you get a new one, you can access all the progress you’ve made in a specific game in matter of seconds thanks to cloud support. It doesn’t sound like much, but taking into account that most dedicated players have hundreds of games in their digital libraries, this functionality is a must in any digital distribution platform.

Controller support

Xbox 360 Controller (Black)

Most games on GOG don’t support controllers, but taking into account that most modern games come with this functionality right from the get go, it would be great if Galaxy featured this as well. Launching a game and immediately being able to control the menus and the game itself using an Xbox 360 controller is fantastic.

Achievement support

Steam Achivements

Although I couldn’t care less about achievements, a lot of people do. For many, unlocking achievements is an essential part of any game and this immediately extends the lifespan of any title considerably. Needless to say, this feature in particular is a must in any new digital distribution platform for games.

Organized library

GOG Library

This is important. I believe that Steam desperately needs a visual overhaul and while that might take some time, Galaxy will have its opportunity to shine as soon as it comes out. Finding what you want when you have a massive list of games in your collection is important, accessing a specific functionality in an intuitive way is important and looking at something that’s easy on the eyes is also important.

Integrated store

GOG Store (2014)

I should be able to access the GOG store while I’m using Galaxy and looking for games, purchasing games and adding them to my wishlist should be a fast and painstaking process. Galaxy should try to emulate some of the faster internet browsers out there, since using the Steam store via Steam is slow and sluggish most of the time and that’s what prevents me from using it.

Automatic patching

Shadowrun Dragonfall 03

There’s nothing as satisfying as coming home after a long day and seeing that Steam has automatically downloaded a bunch of patches while you weren’t in front of your computer. This feature sounds silly at first, but once you start using it, you realize that this is one of those essential parts of the digital experience.

Driver updates

Legend of Grimrock (Header)

I know the name of my graphics card, but downloading patches, installing them, restarting my laptop and checking that everything is working correctly is a painfully slow process. Steam does this for me and I’m grateful for that. Galaxy should do this as well.

Fast downloads

GOG Downloader (Custom)

We take this one for granted. Steam downloads games fast really fast and I know GOG is capable of doing this as well because they have a small piece of software to download their games fast as well (this software is called GOG Downloader.)

Mod support

The Nameless Mod

The mod community has always been important for GOG. In fact, GOG has promoted some of the best mods in their forums. For instance, there are multiple patches and mods to make classic games like System Shock 2 look like an HD game and that’s something GOG has promoted.

More features

GOG Screenshot

There are multiple features that I’d love to include here, but we need to take into account that GOG Galaxy isn’t even out yet. Still, once the platform has been released, they’ll need to improve some features and include some new ones. That’s an important part of any digital platform and Galaxy is no exception.