Battlefield 4 Free for a Week on Origin

Battlefield 4 (Origin)

Do you want to play Battlefield 4? Do you have an Origin account? Do you have a powerful computer that can run the game? If you answered all those questions with a “yes,” then you’ll be glad to know that first-person shooter Battlefield 4 is now available for free for a week thanks to the Game Time initiative. Take into account that the game trial won’t start until you launch the game and since the promotion lasts until next Tuesday, there’s absolutely no rush to start playing the FPS.

EA launched the Game Time initiated this past June, when the company released Titanfall as a free download for a limited time (in that case, that game was available for 48 hours.) But if you have a problem with time constrictions, you can download Wing Commander 3: Heart of the Tiger also on Origin. Since that game in particular is part of the On the House program, once you download it, it’s your forever.

Source: Origin