Nobody Will Watch The Walking Dead: Season Two – Finale Trailer Due to Spoilers

As a way of announcing that the last episode of Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season Two is coming out next week, the developer revealed a trailer filled with spoilers, which means most people will skip it until they catch up with the series. When it comes to episodic titles, I usually wait until the finale comes out so that I can start playing previous episodes, so this announcement means that I’ll start playing Season Two as soon as I can.

The fifth and final episode of the season, called “No Going Back”, will be available next week. The episode will be out on PC, Mac, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on August 26th, the Xbox 360 version will launch on August 27th and the iOS version is coming on August 28th. It’s worth pointing out that the season finale is also coming to other platforms, but the release of those versions will be revealed on a later date.