Sierra Comes Back from the Ashes, Announces King’s Quest, Geometry Wars 3

Sierra (2014)

Developer and publisher Sierra Entertainment is back, Activision has announced during Gamescom. From now on, Sierra will be focusing on independent titles and the first games that are coming out as part of this “re-activation” include King’s Quest and a new entry in the Geometry Wars series.

Developer The Odd Gentleman (The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom) will be working on a re-imagining of beloved point-and-click adventure game King’s Quest which is expected to come out in 2015. Despite being a fan of the adventure genre, I’ve never played a King’s Quest game and from what I’ve heard those games were pretty unforgiving, so we’ll see what the re-imagining ends up being.

The first title to come out under Sierra will be Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, the third entry in the fast-paced arcade shooter. The game’s being developed by Lucig Games and will feature cooperative and competitive modes for the first time. I haven’t played a Geometry Wars since Retro Evolved came out in 2007 for the PC and I’m still upset I haven’t had the time to play Retro Evolved 2 since everyone seems to love that game. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is expected to launch later this year.

It’ll take some time getting used to the new Sierra, but its upcoming games seem promising really promising. In the meantime, I’ll stay cautiously optimistic about that new Geometry Wars game…