To the Moon Sequel, A Bird Story, Coming November 5th

After months of knowing nothing about To the Moon’s follow-up, A Bird Story, developer Kan Gao has released a new trailer and has confirmed the game’s release date. A Bird Story will launch on November 5th on Steam, GOG and other digital stores and the game will be compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac.

As I mentioned previously, A Bird Story is the follow-up to To the Moon, a role-playing adventure game developed by Freebird Games. The game was designed using the RPG Maker XP engine, but that didn’t prevent To the Moon from becoming one of the best titles of 2011.

For those unfamiliar, To the Moon follows Dr. Rosalenea and Dr. Neil Watts, two employers of Sigmund Corp., as they try to fulfill the dream of dying man, Johnny Wyles. Johnny wants to go to the moon, but he doesn’t know how to accomplish that, so he hires the services of Sigmund Corp., a company that developed a new technology that constructs artificial memories inside people’s minds. In my review, I called To the Moon “one of the most emotionally enthralling stories in recent years.”

A Bird Story, on the other hand, is a game about a child who founds an injured bird in the woods and the story mixes both real and imaginary elements. Unlike To the Moon, A Bird Story doesn’t have words and according to then trailer, this will be a “simple” and “short” story.