Top 10: Finishing Games Reactions

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After playing for dozens of hours, I recently finished Final Fantasy III and while I don’t think that game in particular does everything remarkably well, one thing the JRPG manages to pull off is that idea of challenge and difficulty. A lot has been said about difficulty after the release of “classic-minded” games such as Dark Souls, FTL and Spelunky, so I won’t try to explain that concept again. What I enjoyed most about the game is that it’s extremely challenging and fair at the same time and when you finally beat the final boss after several attempts and after tweaking your strategy over and over, the feeling of gratification and satisfaction you get in return is something not a lot of games are able to offer. Although Final Fantasy III isn’t a perfect game, I think a lot of games could benefit from challenge.

With that in mind, I decided to make a weird list: I compiled some of the silliest GIFs and images that represent that feeling of bliss when you finally finish that hard game. Although this might sound silly, think about the following question: how do you react when you finish an extremely hard or challenging game? Hopefully, you’ll feel identified with some of the GIFs below. If not, there’s always the comment section.

Do you jump around?


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Do you repeat the same phrase over and over?


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Do you hug someone?


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Do you pump your fist?

Jersey Shore

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Do you feel like the happiest man alive?


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Do you pass out?

Passing Out

Do you cry?

Crying Gif

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Do you yell a lot?


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Or do you go completely bonkers?

Go Bonkers

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But for the love of God…

Whatever you do…

Don’t celebrate the end of a silly video game…

Like this guy…


Go Bonkers... Again

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