Legend of Grimrock 2 Release Date Announced

Fans of dungeon crawler RPGs won’t have to wait that long for another stellar entry in the niche genre, since Legend of Grimrock 2 will be out for PC, Mac and Linux really soon.

The game launches on October 15th and pre-orders are open on the official website. Pre-ordering the game not only grants you access to it as soon as it comes out, but you also receive a 15% discount. The game costs $23.99 ($20.99 with the discount) and you get both the DRM-free and Steam versions. Alternatively, you can purchase the Legend of Grimrock 1 & 2 bundle that features both games for $25.99.

When the original Legend of Grimrock came out, Finnish developer Almost Human proved that creating a classic dungeon crawler in this day and age was possible, so it’s up to them to prove that once again. So what’s Legend of Grimrock 2? In the first-person game, you play as four warriors who find themselves in a strange island and have to do everything they can to escape. I’m pretty sure this involves exploring underground dungeons, solving puzzles and killing giant spiders, but we’ll have to wait If that’s true or not.

Source: Official website