Nintendo Announced New 3DS and 3DS XL

As part of a Japan-exclusive Nintendo 3DS Direct, the company unveiled the New 3DS and New 3DS XL (known as 3DS LL in Japan.) The new iterations of the platform will have a C-Stick inspired by the GameCube controllers, improved 3D capabilities, a more powerful processor, improved battery life, built-in NFC and larger screens. Also, the new versions of the platform will support Micro SD Cards and communicating with a PC will be easier.

But while a new iteration of a console is to be expected every once in a while, this new versions of the 3DS will improve the performance of certain games. So upcoming titles like Dragon Quest Online, Final Fantasy Explorers and the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. will take advantage of the consoles in some capacity. In fact, Xenoblade Chronicles (which was announced as part of this presentation) will be a New 3DS and New 3DS XL exclusive.

During the presentation Satoru Iwata also announced some game-related news, including the reveal of a new character from Super Smash Bros. (the character in question is Shulk from Xenoblade) and he showed trailers for Bravely Second, Final Fantasy Explorers, One Piece: Super Grand Battles and Xenoblade Chronicles.