Swery’s D4 Out Today for Xbox One

D4 (Screenshot)

Swery’s Japanese mystery game D4 (also known as Dark Dreams Don’t Die) will be out today, September 19th, for $14.99 for the Xbox One, a blog post on Xbox reveals. Swery’s previous game was cult classic Deadly Premonition which some of you might remember as “Twin Peaks: The Game.”

In D4, you assume the role of David Young, a private investigator whose wife and kids have been murdered two years ago, but the killer hasn’t been found yet. So David need to make use of his special abilities (he can experience moments that took place in the past by touching mementos) to find the killer.

In the cel-shaded game, you can use a controller or the Kinect. If you choose the latter, you need to use swipe gestures, grabbing gestures or quick hand movements to perform the required actions. For more information about the game, check out Swery’s interview on Xbox.

Source: Xbox