Dragon Age: Origins Free on Origin

Dragon Age - Origins (Origin)

I should have seen this coming… Dragon Age: Inquisiton is coming out next week and to get people excited about the upcoming action RPG, Electronic Arts is giving away the original Dragon Age: Origins on their digital distribution service right now.

Although usually available for $12.99, Dragon Age: Origins is now free. To claim the free game, you need to go to “On the House” section on Origin (if you don’t have an account, this is the perfect time to create one) and download it. Take into account that this is a hefty download of almost 16 GB, so getting the game on your computer might take some time.

Once you’ve claimed the game, you can keep it forever. Also, take into account that this deal is available for a limited time (the offer expires on October 14th,) so if you’re interested in getting Dragon Age: Origins, start downloading it as soon as you can.

Source: Origin