Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Delayed

Hotline Miami 2

Two-dimensional action game Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number has been delayed, according to the game’s official Twitter account. The game will be out between late 2014 and early 2015.

The top-down action game should be out by now, but it seems like developer Dennaton will take some time to make sure that the everything’s working as it should be. Taking into account that the original Hotline Miami was such a terrific game, I don’t mind waiting a few months for the sequel. In my review, this is what I had to say about the game “Hotline Miami features an ultraviolent combat system, a surreal story and a colorful presentation and the result of such a unique concoction is nothing short of memorable.” Hopefully, I’ll have to say something similar about the upcoming sequel.

Source: Twitter