Nidhogg Coming Tomorrow to PS4 and Vita


Side-scrolling fencing game Nidhogg is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Vita, the PlayStation Blog has announced. The two-player fighting game will be out tomorrow and it comes with Cross-Buy, so regardless of the version you decide to buy, you can play it on both consoles.

For those unfamiliar, Nidhogg is a fast-paced indie game that puts players in the shoes of duelers who need to sword fight in pixelated environments. Although that sounds simplistic, the game features multiple mechanics, including running, fistfighting, jumping, sliding and throwing your sword. Additionally, you can hold your sword at three different heights, so reading your opponent’s position is necessary if you want to disarm them.

The game includes single-player, local multiplayer and online multiplayer modes. Playing locally seems like the best option.

Source: PlayStation Blog