Brandish: The Dark Revenant Comes Out Tomorrow… for the PSP

Brandish - The Dark Revenant

If you are one of those people who thinks that the PlayStation Portable is dead in America, you’re probably right. But that didn’t prevent publisher Nihom Falcon to release a game for the console and in 2015. The PlayStation Network will update tomorrow and when that happens, Brandish: The Dark Revenant will be available as a digital title.

Originally released in 1991 for the NEC PC-9801 and the FM Towns, Brandish: The Dark Revenant is a top-down view dungeon crawler where you move your protagonist through mazes that are filled with monsters, traps and puzzles. The game was ported to several systems, including the SNES, PC Engine.

The PSP version of the game is a 3D remake and interestingly, this version came out in Japan in 2009. According to some niche sites, this is the best version of Brandish, so if you’re remotely interested in the RPG series, this is the one to get.

Source: PlayStation Blog