Over 2,400 Games Are Playable in Your Browser

Street Fighter II (SNES)

If you were looking forward to playing thousands of classic games on your browser and without spending a dime, today’s your lucky day. The Internet Archive (which is a nonprofit organization that tries to preserve websites, music and other digital content) has recently added over 2,400 MS-DOS games to its extensive library and you can play them all for free using your favorite browser.

Some of the titles that are part of this collection include Prince of Persia, The Oregon Trail, SimCity, Super Street Fighter II, Metal Gear and Master of Orion, among many other titles you can find on the Internet Archive. Take into account that most of these use MS-BOX, an emulator that’s popular among collectors and fans of classic games.

Some of the games that are part of the collection have issues (maybe the audio suddenly stops or there are graphical glitches,) but it’s really hard to complain when you see that the collection features some of the best titles of all time and you can play them all for free.

Source: GameSpot